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How To Fix Roku Error Code 014.40 or 014.41

Roku Error Code 014.40

Roku Streaming Players offer a vast amount of channels to get unlimited access to entertainment. In case you get Roku Error Code 014.40 while connecting your Streaming Player to the internet, you can follow this troubleshooting guide to connect your Roku Media Player to the internet and get access to unlimited entertainment sources.

Why does Roku display Error Code 014.40?

There can be various reasons behind your Roku not Connecting to the internet. Some of the main reasons behind Roku Error Code 014.40 is being triggered is listed below:

  • MAC filtering: Most Routers provide MAC filtering as a basic feature of its software. Make sure your Router MAC filtering option is Disabled while you try to establish the internet connection between your Router and Roku Streaming TV.
  • Incorrect Wireless Information: It has been noticed that in most cases when people trying to connect their device with WiFi, they are either entering a wrong SSID or Wrong Network Security Key. Make sure you have entered the correct information about your WiFi name and Password. If you entered an incorrect detail, Your Roku will not Stream any Sort of video content and it will keep triggering the same error Code of 014.14.
  • DNS Cache: In some cases, the DNS configurations that are cached by the Router to connect to the internet might have been corrupted. This can interrupt the connection establishing process as certain DNS servers are prohibited from being able to connect. Roku Error Code 014.40

Once you get the basic idea of the nature of this technical Problem, you can proceed towards the fix of this issue. You can simply follow these troubleshooting steps as we have mentioned on our website to get avoid any type of conflict and connect your Roku to the internet.

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Step 1: Reset your Roku Network

There is a big chance that SSID and Wireless Security Key are not configured properly in your Roku Software. Hence, in this First step, we will try to reconfigure your wireless settings in Roku Software. Follow these steps to Reset your Roku Network Settings:Fix Roku Error code 014.40

  • Using your Roku remote, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Press the system and select the advanced system settings.
  • Select Network connection reset and press the OK button on your Roku Remote.
  • Enter the Code displayed on the TV screen and press the reset button on the screen.
  • Now all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to reset your Network Settings.
  • Once everything is done, your Roku Streaming TV will restart and you will be prompted to set up a new Network Connection.
  • Choose Wireless or Wired depending upon the type of internet connection you want to connect to your Roku device.
  • Select your Wireless Network and Enter the WiFi password.
  • Press connect to finish the Roku Wireless Network Setup.

Step 2: Reboot your devices

In the case of Step 1 does not fix your Roku Error Code 014.40, you can try step 2 to resolve the issue.

  • Unplug the Power cord from your power outlet to the power of your Roku Streaming TV.Unplug Roku Cord to Fix Error Code 014.40
  • Power Off your internet Modem and WiFi Router also.
  • Now, wait for 20 to 30 Seconds to Plug the power back in.plug Your Roku
  • Once you restart your devices, check if the issue persists.

Note: You might get these error codes if the password you are entering is incorrect or when there are restriction settings enabled on your router. Confirm you are selecting the correct wireless network name Verify that you are entering the correct password. Remember passwords are case sensitive. Check if you have MAC Address Filtering enabled on your router? This restricts specific devices to access your network. If yes, you have to add your Roku TV’s Wireless MAC Address to your router’s allowed list. For instructions, refer to your router’s user manual or visit the router manufacturer’s website.

To Locate Wireless MAC address:

1.  Press the Home button on the remote.

2.  Go to Settings and select OK on the remote.

3.  Go to Network and select OK on the remote.

4.  Go to About.

The MAC address can be found next to the Wireless MAC address.

In case, Your Wireless MAC address is 00:00:00:00:00:00:00

If your wireless MAC address comes up as Null or all zeroes when attempting to scan for networks you may have a hardware problem requiring service. You can attempt to perform a hard reset as a last resort but be aware that Performing a factory reset will remove all stored personal data relating to your settings, network connections, Roku data, and menu preferences. If performing a hard reset does not resolve the problem contact Roku support for your repair options.


Error Code 014.40: Your TCL Roku TV cannot connect to your wireless network.

Try the following:

  • Check that you are entering the correct password for your wireless network (remember that passwords are case sensitive).
  • Ensure you are selecting the correct wireless network name.
  • Do you have MAC address filtering turned on? If so, scroll down and check the “Advanced Router Settings” section below. If you’re unsure what this is, then this tip is probably not for you.
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